Shutter Review

Being a feminist, I support all representations of strong females in media. My favorite character in books, movies, and video games is usually the strong female that kicks butt. She shoots a gun like a boss, she’s witty, and wears awesome shoes (am I the only one who notices that?). She’s the man in my opinion.

It can go too far though. Sometimes the cool attitude is forced and makes me dislike the character. She can be so level-headed that she gets boring, or on the flip side, she’s a hot head that makes me crazy.

I felt this disappointment with the main character in Shutter by: Joe Keatinge (author), Leila Del Duca (artist), and Owen Gieni (artist).

Kate is a 27 year old ex-adventurer. She kicks butt and takes names. She is also too forced. She goes from an emotional wreak to assassin in 10 seconds. I get whiplash reading.

Kate is a strong female character whose world is falling a part. Which I can’t relate to completely since her world has humanoid animals and skeleton butlers in it, but I try. 

Kate just doesn’t do it for me.

Taking a second to evaluate myself, I am biased. I have little to no patience for most female characters. I prefer male protagonists. I could go in to a deep analysis of why I prefer male characters, but I honestly believe that it’s because I want the female characters be stronger or better than myself.

Kate is strong, but she’s also a mess. For me that combination does not work. I would prefer that she was a normal person overcoming emotional havoc how everyone else handles it, or be the girl ever girl wishes she was and just kick some butt. The mix of the two makes her strength seem weak and her emotions too strong.

I was not a fan of Kate, but the world in Shutter is amazing. The other characters are unique and intriguing. The comic is colorful and exciting, but I can’t really cheer for the heroine.

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