The Wicked and Divine Review: Teens Angst the world (pun intended)

Every generation is taught to “stick it to the man” and “you’re parents don’t understand”. The lessons are figuratively and literally blasted through the speakers in the form of music.

My parents recently educated me on the music they listened to when they were in high school. The themes were “have fun” and “go against society” it was long hair and rock and roll. It was great.

We have similar themes in our music today, although different styles. We still have the crazy groupies, t-shirts, stupid posters we make, and the idea that no one understands us quite like these musicians.

In The Wicked and Divine by Kieron Gillen (author) and Jamie McKelvie (artist), this culture is what the whole comic is based around. The main character is Laura who is the typical teenager band fanatic.

She pushes her parents away (classic), she obsesses over celebrities (that’s new), and chases after trouble (that’s doesn’t sound like a teenager at all). Her character is very relatable to a wide audience.

In this comic, random people become gods. In this world, gods are also pop-stars. These character are based on current popular and iconic musicians. Musicians such as: Rihanna, Daft Punk, Kanye, and Prince.

The way that people idolize these musicians is made fun of in this comic. It’s true though, these people were once nobody’s to us, then all of a sudden they are the center of our world. In the comic, these gods are given immense powers and the spotlight, for two years. At the end of the two years they die, much like in our world. Their fame will eventually come to an end, or they will be forgotten.

It’s an interesting concept that mixes pop-culture and mythology. These people/characters may not live on, but rock and roll will.

And there’s always a man to stick it to.

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