A Discussion of Peter Pan Adaptions

Peter Pan is my absolute favorite. I love the characters, the story, the music, everything. The story is one that everyone can relate to. Growing up, whether you want to or not, is a journey that all people embark on.

Peter Pan deals with many themes that I believe are important. A girl becoming a woman, the expectations and responsibilities of being the eldest, childhood adventures, parents not understanding, freedom, innocence, love, independence, and decisions. I could keep going, but I’ll stop there.

I have watched four adaptions of Peter Pan (excluding the play I watched in elementary school).

The first is the original 1953 version:

This version is good. Which is a weak and simple description, but it’s honestly how I feel about the movie. I think it brought a timeless story to the big screen and gave Walt Disney some money and little kids who wanted a different idol than princesses.

The 2008 version:

This is my favorite version. The cast is perfect. From the narrator to the delivery boy. There are so many elements of this movie that I love that I can’t get too detailed. The music, such a simple aspect is key to the emotion and theme of the movie, (I listen to the instrumentals while studying).

One of my favorite aspects is the actor who plays Mr. Darling also plays James Hook, this was how the original play was scripted and adds so much depth to the theme of growing up and what parents represent.

Neverland 2011 Tv Series:

This was a unique take on Peter Pan. It incorporated elements of Oliver Twist in to it; the band of orphan thieves in London and one special boy.

It has been 5 years since I last saw this so my details of it are a bit fuzzy. But I truly enjoyed this take on Peter Pan and his world. British shows are by far better than American and they proved this true again with this version.

Pan 2015:

I have to admit, I skipped parts of this movie because it both offended me and bored me. This movie twisted Peter’s back story. It made him something that he was not and made him less relatable as a character.

The idea that he is a descendent of a fairy prince was silly and seemed unnecessary to me. It also took all the wonder of flight away from normal humans in the story and the audience.

The recreation of Neverland was intriguing and colorful. Hugh Jackman was amazing and the elements of his character and world were the best part of the movie.

Peter Pan is one of my favorite characters to ever exist. He embodies childhood adventure perfectly and it still brings me to tears. This tale never gets old, just like a young boy.

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