Frost Blood Review

Frost Blood by Elly Blake 3/5 stars

The main character is okay, that’s about all I can say about her. She is “fire” character, so she’s supposed to be erratic and emotional. She fit that like a glove.

Her love interest is, of course, her opposite: Ice prince guy. I was slightly disappointed with the cliche of the boy having a hard time showing his emotions while the girl was too emotional.

Ruby’s character arc didn’t seem to be very big nor complex which was a disappointment because there were characteristics about her that allowed for some major development.

The most interesting part of the book was the unique world. I wanted to know more about it and its history. The plot was nothing new. It wasn’t bad. It’s just that nothing seemed to spark my interest in the characters or the plot. I didn’t put down the book, and I might look into the sequel, but ultimately I really needed something to read.

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