Nameless Review

When I first saw this book, I avoided it. After reading the synopsis the first time, I thought it sounded like a dumb plot and I moved on. Recently I have been desperate for something good to read, and I went back and read the overview and saw the rating on Goodreads, and I thought “what the heck?”

I’m glad I waited so that I could read it now, but man did I miss out!

The world that Jenkins created is right up my alley: dystopia, survival, primitive social structures. YES PLEASE!

The main character Zo, was strong (something I almost demand in female protagonists) she also had a vulnerability to her that didn’t make me want to punch her in the head.

The other protagonist, Gryphon was a complex and likable character. His personal journey was one where I cheered for him every step of the way.

Jenkins did an amazing job of creating a man vs society/world conflict, man vs. self, and later man vs. environment. I love when books encompass different plot conflicts, adding so much more depth to the story and characters.

I highly recommend this book for survival lovers and strong protagonists! (Also the cover is just wicked looking).

My review of Clanless, the sequel will come soon!

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