By Your Side Review: Library Love

My dream of library romance comes true!

I have enjoyed many of West’s books and I love libraries so I was very excited for this book! It takes place in a library where two teens are stuck in their local library. Autumn and Dax don’t really know each other, but they get to know each other since it’s just them and the books for the weekend.

Autumn has an anxiety disorder and I really appreciated that West did such a good job portraying her as someone who also struggles with anxiety. The characteristics that West gave Autumn were real ones that people with anxiety have, and that made her all the more real to me.

Dax had potential, but he felt like a flat character to me. There wasn’t really anything that set him apart from any other YA boy love interest. What made him likable is how he interacted with Autumn. West gave him a small backstory that had so many possibilities and I would have loved to see where they went.

The kind of love that West wrote about in this book made me happy, love isn’t always about being crazy and finding someone who amps you up. Sometimes love is finding someone to be your rock.

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