Wait for Me Review: Don’t Wait to Read This!

This books slaughtered me in all the good ways (yes that is an oxymoron and you will understand soon). For this book, I noticed the gorgeous cover and read a lot of news about it. So I decided to add it to my spring break TBR list, and I am so glad I did because it blew me away!

I love historical fiction. Well, I used to. I read way too many holocaust and Elizabeth Tudor books and I over did it. I haven’t read any historical fiction since The Book Theif which I read three years ago. 

The Characters:

The main character, Loran is so vibrant and alive. I felt like I was her because her emotions and dialogue are things I would feel and say! Everything about her I loved, she made me laugh and cry and I fell in love with her as a person which is everything I could ask for in a character. Have you ever had that with a character? Have you ever been slightly concerned that maybe the author maybe used you as inspiration for a character? Maybe it’s just me…

Paul, the German soldier working on her farm is so sweet. Recently I’ve really liked books where the boy isn’t this mega confident guy who’s a total ladies man and has little to no real substance to him. Paul is subtle and intriguing and I wanted to know even more after the book finished because he is such a unique and lovable character!

The Setting:

The farm that Loran lives on felt like an actual farm (and not a “farm” where nothing seems to happen regarding the farm where the entire book takes place). The details Leech incorporated in the story about the farm made me appreciate the life Loran and her family were living. Leech did a great job showing the farm as the livelihood of the family by what the characters did and how they interacted with the farm.

The war was very well done. Leech does an amazing job showing a new point of view of the war; a topic that has so many stories written about it. The war is far away in the book, but it’s still so real in these people’s lives.

The Plot:

The plot was so good. SO GOOD. I’m having the hardest time putting all of this into words, but everything that Loran faced was realistic and every choice she makes is earnest and based on her love for those around her. It wasn’t just the main character’s story that the reader gets to see. We see the lives of others and it gives depth to the story because all the minor characters were important and on their own journey creating a complex and realistic world.

Overall, I couldn’t put it down. I read the entire thing in one sitting! I was drawn in and I hope you look into this!

Have any of you read this? If you have will you pretty please let me freak out about it with you?

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