Series I DNF

This post is going to feature 4 series that I read at least 2 of the books but won’t be finishing the series.

I Am Number Four.


I loved the first book of this series. I thought the premise was unique and I love a good male protagonist. When I found out there were going to be more books I was so excited to read them! I think I read the next two books, and slowly they just got less interesting, more complicated, and there were way too many POV to keep track of. Plus my favorite character wasn’t in most of the books. So I stopped reading the books. I am slightly curious as to how this series ends, maybe I’ll just read the last page of the last book.

The Infernal Devices Trilogy


I read the first two books and enjoyed them, I really did. I’m not going to finish the series because my heart can’t handle the “death” that happens and it’s far too sad for me to handle. Thanks a lot, Cassandra Clare. I know what happens, but I can’t stand to see it in writing. My heart will break into a million pieces and how will I ever read another book again if I’m so emotionally unstable?!

The Divergent Series


I’m pretty late to this party. The first book was bad a** the second book was pretty good. I didn’t bother with the third. 1. I know what happens 2. I no longer liked Tris 3. I didn’t get the whole “it’s a simulation” and I had no interest reading more of that confusing mess.

The Falling Kingdoms


I just this week decided I won’t be finishing this series. It’s great and I recommend it to fantasy lovers. My only problem with these books is I got into them too early on. Waiting a whole year to read the next book was hard on my memory. I could never remember what was going on with all the five thousand (only a slight exaggeration) characters and all their stories. I read the 4th book but I skimmed a lot, and when I have to skim I feel like I’m cheating myself and the author if it’s most of the book. So I think I’ll lay this series to rest. I’m very excited for the fifth book and to read what others thought of it.

What are some series you DNF and why?

4 thoughts on “Series I DNF

  1. I DNF-ed the Red Rising series. I read the first book and had some issues with it, but many of the goodreads reviews all insisted that the second book was better, so I read that and I just did not get it at all. :/ I did finish the Divergent series but it definitely went downhill!

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