The Hunted Review: This Book was Beast

Holy Cow. Writing this post is going to be hard because I have so many thoughts. So I’m going to take you through the process of my thoughts while reading this book:

There are some minor spoilers, so beware if you haven’t read it. Read at your own discretion.

  1. Saw the book at the library and decided I’d add it to the stack of books I have yet to read at home because I like to give myself impossible tasks like finishing all the books I put on my plate.
  2. While reading another book I needed a break because I was sure a death was going to happen and I couldn’t witness that, so I decided to start this book that everyone seems to be talking about.
  3. Little digression and background info about me… I don’t like Beauty and the Beast. GASP! Grace! You are a terrible person, how can you say that?! I have put a lot of thought into why I don’t like it. A LOT. First, I don’t like the soundtrack, it’s too slow for my taste, and as a poor singer, I am not talented enough to sing along which is half the fun of Disney movies. Second, I don’t like Belle or Beast very much. I am totally Belle. 100% Belle, but since she’s pretty much me, I get bored with her. Also, I think Beast is kinda weird and makes me uncomfortable for some reason. Okay, now you have background on why I was apprehensive to read this book. It was already set up for failure in my mind.
  4. I start reading and LOVED Belle. She’s restless and kind of a tomboy which I relate with. She also has great meta-cognitive moments that I found so wise and self-aware for Spooner to include.
  5. Solomir entered and I didn’t know what to do because I LIKED him!
  6. As Beauty is struggling with her inner desires I connected so strongly with her because I feel very similar to her regarding marriage and what I want to do with my future. So a lot of them time I was like, “yes girl! YES!” One quote I loved was, “when she was younger, she used to dream of a husband who would love her all the more if she could hunt with him, side by side. But age, and time spent with the baronessa, had worn away that imagined future.” This quote is so true for me, and I feel that Spooner does an amazing job of representing girls and women who aren’t convinced with the whole concept of marriage or relationships.
  7. The BEAST. I loved him immediately, and weirdly thought he was attractive because for some reason wolf-monsters are my thing? (too much information, but I said I’d take you through my thoughts). The chapters open with his thoughts and gave such great insight into him as a character and the whole of the story. The “we” was great since Spooner didn’t do the whole, entire palace staff is a utility item. He also seemed like a scary creature, unlike the weird buffalo-monster-thing in the cartoon. I liked the wolf and the intensity and instinctual violence of him.
  8. It was different from the original tale, which I loved. I kept waiting for it to be the same and it never was! Some may be disappointed by that, but as I said I’m not a fan of the original story so I was refreshed by this retelling.
  9. The rich history of the fairy tales and their connection to the Beast and Beauty were amazing. I love stories (obviously) and I ate up those stories and loved connecting the dots between the stories and Beauty’s life.
  10. The messages were great within the book, and I loved the ending.

So there is the onslaught of all my crazy thoughts. I’m so sorry you read all that, but I hope you either understand because you felt the same or you’ll go and read this book so you can come back and relate with me. Or you can just think I’m a wreck and I’ll agree.

Also, what did you think of this post format? Should I do it in the future? I’m still trying to figure out how to keep my posts interesting and fun to read. Let me any and all thoughts you have about this post and this book in the comments!

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