The Edge of Everything Review

I’m not completely sure how to put this book into words because it has such a complex and ambiguous concept. I loved it.

There are familiar concepts that allowed me to ground myself as new and unfamiliar concepts were used, and let me tell you, there is some crazy stuff going on. The plot integrated “magical” and real life problems really well in my opinion. The inner turmoil that each character faces is well done and added more depth to the “magical” plot lines.

I loved X as a character. He had so many characteristics I have liked in different characters all rolled up into one character, and it actually worked well. I wanted to know everything about him, every tidbit I was handed I took greedily.

So, Zoe. I’m unsure about her. I felt that her thoughts were a little erratic. She seemed to be all over the place with her thoughts and emotions but it didn’t seem to be a central part of her as a character. It wasn’t purposeful and that was apparent in the plot at certain points. For myself, I kinda just went with it, but for others, I would understand if it was very bothersome.

The prose is actually really beautiful. The way that Giles describes not only scenery but the thoughts and emotions of characters was lovely (not in a delicate kind of way). He used similies and I LOVE smiles so I was a huge fan! The way he thinks and sees things is different from myself and authors I’m familiar with, so I appreciated his style.

I’m not sure if Giles meant to make fun of teenagers or if he’s just a little on the wrong side of certain pop culture things, but the uses of Instagram and texting were not realistic. Those instances took me out of the story because I questioned what Giles meant, which I don’t think was his purpose. It’s a pretty small part of a much larger book, but he continually used these social details and as the adage goes, “it’s all in the details” right?

I would recommend this book to people who want something different. There are still concepts that you’ve seen before, insta-love, and other worldly beings. However, the world that Giles is creating is like nothing I’ve ever encountered and I look forward to the development of the characters and the world as he creates a fresh story.

Leave any thoughts in the comments below! I’d love to know what you think!

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