Flame in the Mist Review

This book was phenomenal. I’ve heard great things about it and it had been on my TBR a really long time before I finally got a hold of the book.

I’d normally leave the princess recommendations to Mandy @ princess book reviews, (here’s a post she did for what Mulan would read) but I can’t not mention how this book feels like Mulan’s cousin. I say cousin because there are definite Mulan influences, but the story is original enough that I didn’t feel like it was just a Mulan remake.

GIVE ME MORE MULAN. She is my favorite princess and the fact that this book holds so much similarity to my favorite Disney princess was so good for young Grace as well as Semi-adultish Grace now.

The plot was so interesting: Adventure. Deceit. Political tension. Wicked smart girl. Family. Honor. Revenge. Magic. Cultural diversity. Love. Hate. A band of misfits. Darkness. Self discovery.

Tell me you don’t want to read a book with all of that. Tell. me.

I devoured this book in a day and I am itching to read the sequel. Give it to me now!

Please freak out about this book with me in the comments!! Also, this review was much shorter, what are your thoughts? Better? Or not enough information?

2 thoughts on “Flame in the Mist Review

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I’ve been so excited to read this one, but I will admit that it did get stuck on the backburner for a bit. But your review just got me so excited again. It sounds AMAZING. And Mulan’s cousin just sounds like such an amazing sounding descriptor for it. Wonderful review, Grace! 😀

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