The Wrath and the Dawn Review

I have a confession. I totally judged this book before reading it and that’s why it took me so long to read it. Now you’re probably thinking, “Grace did you judge it by the cover (it’s beautiful, why would you judge it?)” My answer, is no, I didn’t judge it based on the cover. I judged it based on the junior high play I did of 1001 Arabian Nights. “Grace, why did you hate it?” I had a terrible role. I was handmaiden with approximately five lines and I’m totally not upset about it still…

Now that you know why I didn’t read this because it’s based on the play that shall not be named, let’s get on with my review.


Some things I’d like to gush over

  1. HECK YES! I love silver-tongued female protagonists! I like silver-tongued antagonists as well, but that’s another post.
  2. The anti-hero-esk king was fabulously done. I love me some heartbreaking boys.
  3. THE ANGST. So much tension between so many characters and I ate it up.
  4. I never knew what was going to happen whether it was the characters’ actions or the direction of the plot
  5. The cultural environment was new for me and I really appreciated the diversity this book offered to my “shelf.”
  6. The friendships were so evidently valued by characters and I really liked how the love of friendship and family was so well shown. It made the book more interesting and realistic in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on this book?

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