A Court of Wings and Ruin Review: I’ll never read again



I seriously don’t know how I’ll read anything else ever again.

Just kidding, there are too many books out there to read, but seriously, ACOWAR was phenomenal, like everything I could ever want in a fantasy book. This book made me fall in love again with my favorite genre.

This was me the entire time I read this book:


I cried. I laughed. I closed my eyes. I held my breath. I silently screamed. I felt nauseous.

There were parts that I anticipated, there were surprises that I was NOT ready for.

I want to just say that this book has everything. It has great plot lines, great character development, surprises, and the reader is lead along so well. It honestly reminded me of Harry Potter and how everything has a purpose in the book and slowly all the little pieces are used to show the big picture at the end of the book.

I love Feyre more and more every book. She grows as a character every book. In the first, she grows as a human in the fact that her life has value and she has something to fight for. The second she grows as a High Fae and someone who has power and choices. This book she grows as a High Lady. The first book also focuses on Feyre mostly and Tamlin. Then the second it’s Feyre and Rhysand. This book really broadened the world of characters. Feyre’s sisters held a very prominent role, Cassian and Azriel did too and so did Lucien (which I am so happy about cause I really like him)

My thoughts (SPOILERS)

  1. THE TENSION!! The tension between Nesta and Cassian was legit so tasty to me. I love the romantic tension between characters and this was some of the best I’ve ever seen.
  2. GIRL POWER!! Hell yes. That’s literally what I said so many times. Hell yes. These girls are bad ass. Feyre, Nesta, and even ELAINE!! I honestly connected with Nesta so much and I really like her this book. She was given so much more depth other than the stern older sister.
  3. I’m totally for Lucien and Elaine cause I love Lucien, but does anyone else think Azriel and Elaine might have developed a thing? Cause I sensed something (it seemed a little obvious to me but I don’t know if I was imagining it) and I do think that Lucien and Elaine would make a good pair. But what about my baby Azriel!? I wanted him and Mor to be a thing so bad until her secret was revealed!! Now we need somebody for him cause he CANNOT be alone, he CANNOT.
  4. Feyre. Yes, girl yes. Her character development was crazy awesome. She is coming to terms with who she is as a person, her place amongst her family, and her position and purpose in the world.
  5. Of course, Rhysand was sexy and funny and everything perfect in the literary world. I enjoy him more i\with every book.
  6. And finally my last thought. I didn’t know this was gonna be a series! I tried to stay away from all news regarding this book so I had no spoilers and could read it on my own. I didn’t want to know if the series continued so I didn’t have that reassurance that Feyre lived for the next book. BUT THERE ARE MORE COMING!!! I’m thrilled and once again have to wait a year for the next book to come out. UGH. But these books are so worth it.

Please tell me your thoughts on this book so I can fangirl with you!



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