The Rose and the Dagger Review: This girl’s got thorns


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This book was so good. I was so worried about all the characters and that Adhieh would do something that would ruin my heart. I actually thought “don’t do it. Don’t do it” so many times.

The prose is utterly gorgeous. I LOVED so many lines. I read it on my Kindle and I highlighted so many passages because I want to go back and reread them forever. The book was so wisely written as far as adages. I am an adage kind of girl though.

Shahrzad actually grew on me more. After she let go of her hate I started to like her more. I actually started to like all the characters that let go of their hate. Really angry characters generally aren’t my favorite characters to follow.

The book was a great way to end a great story. I think it replaced my terrible memories of my role as handmaiden #5 in 1001 Arabian Nights.

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