An Enchantment of Ravens Review

Cover Art by Charlie Bowater

I don’t love High Fae books. The romance tends to be angsty, unbelievable, and there is often a love triangle, so I try to avoid them except for a select few. This book, however, was worth trying.

I actually found this book because the wonderful Charlie Bowater illustrated the cover and she and I have similar taste in books, so I gave it a try! Go check out her work, she does a lot of art based on books and they are utterly gorgeous!

This take on Faeries is unique and I really enjoyed it. They are still terrible and beautiful, but they are so much more than just that. The exploration into them as vain and greedy creatures was intriguing and I think can be reflected in our lives today. The plot was interesting and kept me on my toes while exploring the world of the Fae.

This is a romantic book and I enjoyed the slow build of the romance and the mutual sacrifice that the characters make throughout the book. I really like Isobel, she was very smart and talented and I liked how she was portrayed as a girl. Rook was a character I would love to continually read about, and I loved his development in the book.

I will be looking for more books from Margaret Rogerson in the future!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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