Onyx & Ivory Review

Okay not only did the synopsis of this book interest me but look at this cover! Wicked cool right? The book was really good too! The world of magic is so complex and intriguing. I’m still working it out in my head. I love how they determine the heir, through a magic trial. There is a complex hierarchy of magic as well as different kinds of abilities I find super fascinating. I also think it’s very interesting how deeply ingrained magic is in this world and its politics.

Every character has lost someone and it makes everything that much more tragic and serious. It also makes it hard when the characters don’t know what the other is thinking. The nightdrakes are a very cool concept, and the true villain is not at all who I expected. There is so much going on in the background that I hope the sequel will help to unravel for me.

There is, of course, some romantic tension which I thoroughly enjoyed. I really like Kate and Corwin. They each are growing into adults, while still remaining true to the pure souls they had as children. I find Corwin’s insecurity about not being worthy enough to be king very interesting. This deep personal struggle that he faces daily I think reflects a lot of other insecurities that everyone faces in the real world.

I think this book boils down to loyalty. Who are we loyal to in times of trouble? Our family? Friends? Country? Kingdom? Self? Heart? Honor? Duty? Love? What’s right? Both Kate and Corwin are faced with challenges to their loyalty.

I did start the sequel to this book, but I won’t be finishing it. The author experiments with time-lapses and I found it hard to handle where the characters ended up after the time-lapse. I am not saying don’t read it, but I definitely think it takes a sharp turn from the journey we believe the story is going and I didn’t find it a natural progression.

Let me know if you read either of the books! What did you think?

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