King of Fools Review

Dang dude, these books are crazy. I love me some fantasy gangs though. Enne is a bad ass-pistol wielding-princess and I am here for every second of it. I was actually pretty worried about reading this book because I just had this feeling that there was going to have a tragedy as sequels are known to contain. I was right, but I’m not going to get into that cause I don’t want to spoil anything. I did a review on the first book here.


Enne and Levi are both struggling with who they are choosing to become and who they are being forced to become due to circumstance. It’s both hard to watch them, and thrilling as they grow into themselves.


The cast of characters grows a lot in this book which I really liked. It added some variety and it made the world seem bigger than just Levi and Enne. We got to have Jac’s point of view which I really liked, but he’s a hard character to read. He’s pretty tragic and it makes my heart hurt for him.

The street wars only get more complicated and the Shadow Game only confuses me more. I am so excited to learn more, but also I think it’s going to lead to even more heartbreak for me as a reader. This series is doing an amazing job of being fresh, breaking stereotypes, and exploring the heart of people and what people truly desire.

I want to see how Enne continues to grow into her “dark” side. I want to see Levi continue to fight for his good side. I want to see how people battle the monsters in the city and themselves. I am so ready for the next book, and you need to start reading this series ASAP.

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