Cupid’s Match ARC Review

Special thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Lila is “matched” to the one person she can never be with; Cupid. There are laws forbidding those who create mortal love matches. Lila’s match with Cupid is the catalyst to events that could lead to the end of the known world. This match also sets events in motion within Lila’s own personal life, and she’ll have to face what love truly means while navigating this new mythological world.

I found this book enjoyable and fun. There are not enough Young Adult Greek mythology books out there. This book captured the drama of Greek tragedy and romance. I’m a sucker for romance and mythology so this book was destined to be on my shelf. The mythology was good, staying true to the roots of the myths, while still bringing a new perspective that was fun. People who know their myths, as well as newcomers, will enjoy the contemporary qualities set to classic stories. Hopefully, it will also pave the way for more Young Adult mythological retellings.

I found the concept of a Matching Agency intriguing considering the way online dating affects how we enter relationships. It seemed to combine compatibility concepts as well as the element that only love seems to both contain and need. The disciplined agency, and the wanton gods of love in classical mythology made for a wonderful contrast that shows how many facets love has.

I felt that there were some underdeveloped parts of this book, which I found to take away from the book, however, I didn’t know that this was to be a trilogy. That changes some of my thoughts about the underdeveloped aspects. It being a part of a trilogy means that there is going to be more growth in the world, the plot, and the characters. To not spoil the book, or to cast judgment when there are more books to offer development in areas I noticed, I will wait to see how the next books develop.

Overall, this book is a whimsical while also brutal take on classical Greek myths that I believe is needed in the Young Adult genre. I look forward to the sequel and seeing these new characters and all the challenges they have yet to face. Make sure to keep an eye out for when it hits shelves October 3rd!

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