Sorcery of Thorns Review: A Love Note to Booklovers


Elisabeth works at one of the Great Libraries where magical books known as grimoires. It’s a dangerous job guarding grimoires that have been enchanted by sorcerers. Becoming an official Warden is everything Elisabeth has ever wanted. Until she is framed for a crime she did not commit. She must then enter into the world of sorcerers, who she believes are nothing but evil. However, the more she uncovers the more she questions what she’s been taught her whole life. She must rely on her heart, her mind, and her wonderful books to stay true to what is right.

Okay so just a little background about me—I love libraries. I’ve worked at a library since I was 16 (I’m 20 now). I have loved libraries for what feels like my entire life. I love visiting libraries in different towns. I have three different library cards. I love to be surrounded by books. It feels like magic being surrounded by that many stories and lives.

This book captured that magic perfectly and even made it more fantastic. I loved this book. Not only was the plot great, the libraries wonderful, and the romance cute, it packed so much into one book. I love series, I really do because the world expands and characters grow, but most importantly the story doesn’t end as soon as the first book is over. This book, however, seemed to never stop with the world-building and the character growth. I love that this book is standalone. I totally want another book, don’t get me wrong, but there is something so satisfying with finishing a good standalone book.


Also, the ending was one of the best I’ve read in a really long time. The creativity and the suspense of it were fabulous. It reminded me of a Christopher Nolan ending. I felt utter glee after reading this book.

I also loved the themes of this book, the ideas that evil is not so black and white. That beliefs change and there is some humanity in all of us, even those who seem the evilest. I love a flawed character who find some redemption.

Silas was a super fun character. Not like “fun” fun, but enjoyable and exciting in the way that I had never encountered a character like him before and I never knew what to expect from him, even up to the end.

Elisabeth was great. I loved her earnest desire to fight for what is good and right, even when she started to realize she might be fighting the wrong battles. Her desire to do her duty for the world and the greater good was wonderful. I found her and Nathaniel’s acceptance of death comforting. The sadness and darkness are still there, but it is also not something to avoid or to be scared of. I thought that was a very important theme that Rogerson weaved into the story that I hope people pick up on at least subconsciously.

This is an amazing book, and I am so glad I got to read it towards the end of the summer since it was a stand-alone, and I’ve been waiting for it since I heard about it. The anticipation was well worth it. I highly recommend reading this book. It is a love note to book lovers everywhere

2 thoughts on “Sorcery of Thorns Review: A Love Note to Booklovers

  1. What a lovely review Grace!! ❤ I'm reading this now and find it a little boring. I've been so upset about it. I do love Nathaniel and the library world well and Silas… but the plot. Hahaha I feel like you helped me see why so many are loving this book so much. And it sounds like the best is yet to come.


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