My Star Rating Explained

I’ve never explained my rating system for my blog, and I thought now would be a good time to give an insight into how I rate books. Different bloggers and retailers have their own rating system. I partly adopted the Goodreads system.

I should also point out that, if you haven’t already noticed, I only publish positive reviews. That means books with a 3-5 rating. I want to put positive thoughts about books out into the public because I want to encourage writers and readers. So, the lowest rating I put is usually three.


A five-star rating on Goodreads is Amazing! And it’s the same on my blog. It means it blew me away, I absolutely loved it, and I can’t stop talking about it. These are books that I very confidently recommend to others. These books are usually books that do something new and original. They also have well-rounded characters that I fall in love with.


This is a book that I really enjoyed, but it wasn’t AMAZING. It was really good and it impressed me. I will recommend these books to people after I recommend a five-star book to them, or if I know the book fits their taste.


This means I liked the book. It was good enough to finish, but doesn’t stand out as much as other books. It might have hit the spot for a romance or a cool idea. I would recommend these books based on their genre or a character I really liked.

* * *

I don’t go lower than a three because I want to encourage people to read. That doesn’t mean that I think every book I read is amazing. That is certainly not the case. I hope to bring awareness to books I love so others can encounter their next favorite read!

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