Daughter of the Pirate King Review


I listened to this book, and I don’t normally do that. I think that might have had some influence on my thoughts on this book. I didn’t have as much agency over the tone, pacing, or even the accent of the characters.


I like the concept of this book. I like the characters. I like the plot. I do like this book. The reason it isn’t rated higher is that I don’t particularly enjoy Alosa at the beginning of the book.

She comes off arrogant in her power and knowledge. You all know I love strong female leads. I don’t love cocky female leads. Confidence is different. So, I didn’t love that about Alosa, but I did like her insecurities. They made her likable and human.

Riden was a good character. His loyalty and love for his brother are heartwarming. He tries to see the best in people, and he does so with Alosa even when she thwarts him at every turn. Their conversations and interactions were fun to experience.

Draxon is a pain in my butt, that’s probably the intention. I hope to see more character development there.

I’m very intrigued by Alosa’s past with her father. I hope to get to see more of him and to learn more about Alosa’s weaknesses as we peel back her armor.

There’s a lot of playfulness with gender and stereotypes which I fully enjoyed. I also just love some pirates and I’m always looking to experience my Pirates of the Caribbean in a fresh way.

I intend to read the rest of this series because I liked the book a lot more at the end, and I think I’ll like the second book even more.

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