The Truth About Magic Review: thank you Atticus


Friends, I love Atticus. He is one of the best, if not the absolute best poets of our generation. I preorder his books as soon as possible because I always want to get my hands on them as soon as possible. Here is my review of his first book.

Atticus is a poet who started on Instagram, where he shares daily-poetry with his followers. This is the third book in this set of books. It’s his biggest book yet, and it’s full over the most unshared poetry of his ever.


This book is a combination of epithets, longer poems, and photography. The book is divided into sections, and each starts with a quote that represents it. The main theme of this book is Magic. He looks at magic from lots of angles, such as the magic of youth and the magic of love.

This book made me tear up. Atticus has such a way with words that completely captures, moments, emotions, and people. He’s captured how I’ve felt when I’m the happiest and when I’m the saddest. He seems to really understand love and life or at least doing his absolute best to try.

He captures that magic and bottles it in this book. I could read his work over and over, and I do. His words feel timeless in their truth. I highly recommend checking out his Instagram and his books. His poetry is rather short, so it’s very easy to read. He also has a podcast called Naked on Cashmere if you want to hear his poetry.

This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, I just really love Atticus and his work. I’ve been following him since 2015 or 2016 and I love getting to share his work.

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