DNF and books that weren’t for me

As I said in my post about my rating system, I prefer to blog about books that I enjoyed and have mostly positive things to say about. I want to recommend books to people. I want to encourage people to read books.

Saying I didn’t enjoy a book doesn’t really benefit me, readers, or the author. I want to uplift authors, encourage readers, and talk about books I’m passionate about.

That being said, I do read books that I don’t enjoy. I usually don’t finish them, I abandon free reading books if I don’t like them. So, to help with my credibility and to show that I don’t love every book I come across, I have compiled a list of books that I found just weren’t for me.

This doesn’t mean they’re bad or anything. It just means that I didn’t enjoy them. They’re also not in any particular order.

These are just some books I didn’t enjoy. Some I finished. Some I abandoned. I could come back to some of these books, as I’m known to do, but some are just not for me. I hope some of you enjoy these books and have gotten to write glowing reviews about them! I just wanted to let you in on the less positive side of my reading.

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