Aurora Rising Review: Cybils Finalist

This is a CYBILS Finalist for Young Adult Speculative Fiction

The year is 2380 and the world is a lot bigger than just earth. The graduating cadets of Aurora Academy are going on their first mission. One group, however, isn’t necessarily the A team even though its captain is the best in the class. Due to unforeseen circumstances, and a girl floating in space, the team heads out on its own mission This ragtag group of teens thrown into an illegal adventure as they attempt to do what they believe is right.

Five Stars

This book is incredible. It’s a combination of Star Trek and Stranger Things with great diversity. If that description alone doesn’t make you want to read it, I don’t know what else will.

Every character perspective is interesting and fun to read. That doesn’t happen often with such large casts. Every character was unique, had a troubled backstory, and made me feel for their circumstances. They work well as individuals and as a group. I especially love it when every character in a book brings a special skill.

There are great friendships and even some romance that has a slow and painful build. I loved it. The connection between certain characters is so powerful. I would say that the connections are what makes this book truly come to life.

It’s also a really funny book. The characters make a lot of jokes throughout, and even have reoccurring jokes which were super fun. There are descriptions of the world, the different cadet positions, and other supplementary information that’s explained in a really funny way.

The world is also unique and I always wanted to know more about the planets and different species of aliens.

The adventure they go on is complicated and crazy. I never saw anything coming. I eagerly await the sequel. You need to pick this book up right now and devour it like I did!

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