Storm and Fury Review

Trinity is something special, and she’s being hidden at Warden compound. When the Zayne and some other Wardens come to visit, things start to happen. Trinity can’t hide anymore. It’s time for her to take hold of her life.

This book takes place about six months after the Dark Elements trilogy ended.

Four Stars

Okay, it took me a bit to catch on that Zayne was the Zayne from the Dark Elements trilogy. However, I caught on before it was too embarrassing. Now, that I’ve disclosed this information, let’s dig in.

I love Trinity. She’s funny. Armentrout does wit so well. I really enjoy her dialogue in every book. Trinity is super powerful but also has her weaknesses. I really appreciate that kind of balance. She’s going blind, and it’s incorporated into the book so that it’s there as much as she notices it, which made it much more realistic to me.

I really liked getting to know Zayne better. I can’t remember if the Dark Elements trilogy covered his point of view or not, but I liked uncovering his thoughts on everything that went down in that trilogy. He’s much more complicated than I realized.

I also really liked that we DO get to see what happened to him. Most love triangles don’t end with us getting to see how their lives continue. I also like that we get to see Layla and Roth, although I didn’t really like Layla in this book, hopefully, she’ll be less annoying, although I sort of doubt it for now because Trinity has to share Zayne’s complicated feelings. ANYWAYS.

I really enjoy the world of Wardens and demons. It was fun to return and to better understand the larger world that includes angels. I also think the idea that not all demons are bad, and that Wardens need to recognize that added an extra layer to the plot.

The ending was hard to stomach and I’m ready for the next book so that hopefully I’ll see some resolution. Have you read this book? What did you think of it?

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