Serpent & Dove Review

Lou and Reid shouldn’t have met. She’s a secret witch, and he hunts them for a living. They should never have met, and they certainly should never have gotten married. But they’re married and learning how to live with the other, even though their lives are completely different. Lou’s secret could kill her, but it could also kill those around her.


Four Stars

Lou and Reid are a great pair. I really enjoyed how those two interacted with each other. Mahurn does a great job of slowly unraveling both of their secrets and lives. It made the suspense grow and grow.

Lou is a spitfire and Reid is a rock. They’re opposites, but both have been deeply hurt and made them who they are. Watching them open up to each other was beautiful.

This world of witches and the cruel church is very interesting. I want to know more about different kinds of witches. I really liked the atmosphere of the book. I got very specific dusk and fog vibes that made the world come to life for me.

This book took lots of turns that I did not expect. I love that it kept me on my toes. The ending was not what I expected at all, and I can’t wait for the next book.

I want to know what Lou is gonna do next. I want to know how Reid is going to reconcile his new life and the beliefs he’s starting to have.

I was really excited waiting for this book, and it was honestly totally worth the wait. You need to read this book right now.

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