Vow of Thieves: I vow you’ll love this book

Kazi and Jase are together and returning to Tor’s Watch to build their life. However, everything goes wrong. They’ll have to fight for their lives and the life they want to build together. Will they be able to stay together and get the life they’ve now dared to dream about?

Five Stars

Holy Moly. This was the perfect ending to this duology. I loved every page. I was riveted. I adore Kazi so much. She is such a perfect character to read. She’s wicked smart, quick, strong, and has such a pure heart. I love her so much. Jase is also her equal in every way.

Jase’s family is a great portrayal of a messy and loving family. I think it’s so important to show that side of family.

I loved the thief and mob life of the last book. It wasn’t as prevalent in this book, but I was kind of glad. They used all of their skills as a united front in many ways which I loved. This book has hope in it, and that made it all the more nervewracking because it could all be taken away.

The plot of this book was stellar. Pearson was a master in how she manipulated and intertwined the two different perspectives. My mouth dropped at one point because she pulled me along and got me. She got me so good.

I absolutely love these books. They are full of adventure, everything has a purpose, and the characters are so likable. I definitely see myself rereading both of these books again in the future.

If you haven’t already read Dance of Thieves, you need to right now.

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