One day we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter Review

I promise this is funnier than the title, although I think the title is pretty funny. I also think considering everything going on, we could use some humor and some truth this book offers.

A rare nonfiction book for my blog! I read this book for a humor writing class and it opened my eyes to the world of humorous essay books. As a reader, I obviously prefer fantasy, however as a writer I prefer to write personal essays. This book reached a part of my heart as a writer that I really needed.

Four Stars

Koul writes dramatically and honestly which I thoroughly appreciate as a reader and writer. She holds little back. She allows a look into her life, thoughts, and feelings. I trusted her as a writer because she understood her own flaws. I also rallied behind her because she seeks to support women and people of color.

Koul writes for Buzzfeed Canada and I can feel how her writing style has been influenced by the digital world, and I loved it. She writes passionately, with inner thoughts shared, and a disregard of rules I find so confining.

The book doesn’t appear to me to have a consistent theme until the end, and I refuse to spoil that for you as a reader. And I hope you do read this book. I think everyone needs to read this book. It covers difficult topics. It covers embarrassing moments. It covers her, and our, greatest fears.

I will be looking for more essay books, more comedic female writers, and more of Koul’s work. She is someone I will continue to follow as a writer because she is doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing.

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