Social Distancing Suggestions #2: College Class Picks

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all being responsible, reading, and taking care of yourselves! I have another round of Social Distancing Suggestions! I’m gonna share some of the books I’ve read for classes in college I’d recommend to others!

Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

This is a children’s book, but honestly, I think it’s more for adults than it is for children. It’s written beautifully, captures friendship, the nostalgia of childhood adventures, and covers topics we all need to learn from. I read this for a British Children’s Literature class and I loved getting to discuss this! Honestly, I probably would have never read the book without the class.

Lexicon by Max Barry

I read this book for a Post Modern Literature class. Language is a power in this book. The main character goes to a special school where she is taught how to be “poets.” these “poets” are taught how to use language to get people to do what they want. They are like special agents. It follows two different perspectives. This book is a bit odd since it’s postmodern, however, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s doing incredible things with how we use language.

Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

This is from a Classical and Biblical Literature course I took. I adore this book. Most of us have read The Odyssey, however, we don’t know Penelope’s story. This book is told from her perspective as well as the other women who are disregarded in this tale. It’s told in prose and poetry. It also feels like a spoken word–and it’s been performed. I highly recommend this if you love Greek mythology or have read The Odyssey and want the female perspective we’re denied.

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