Throne of Glass Review: TOG Marathon Day 1, Finishing what I started 6 years ago


I finished this series while we’ve been social distancing, so I thought I would post my reviews of the series consecutively. So if you haven’t read this series, buckle in! If you have, I want to hear your thoughts. But without further ado, let us begin the Throne of Glass marathon!

I’ve already read Throne of Glass, but I read it in 2014 when I was 15. I couldn’t keep up with the books coming out and remembering everything that had happened in the past book. However, I love Sarah J. Maas as a writer and I couldn’t stand that I hadn’t finished the rest of the series.

(I also tend to abandon some of the best series early on, and then come back and hate myself for waiting so long i.e: Shadow and Bone Trilogy.)

So I’m back to finish it.

Four Stars

I love Celaena as a character. She’s honestly one of the strongest female characters I’ve ever read, and I really only read strong female characters as you know so well. She’s almost too strong. Is this possible? Because I think she’s too strong for her own good.

Even though she’s such a beast of a girl, she’s also so broken and flawed which makes me fall more and more with her. I adore strong female leads who are also humanely flawed. They’re more realistic. If she was perfect, I’d probably hate her.

This book does a great job of creating a foundation for the rest of the series and allowing so much to happen. Maas does this thing where she gives us so much information, so I think that I know what’s happening. Then, she does these huge reveals and I realize I knew so very little.

She also does a great job maintaining so many different perspectives. I’m glad I decided to restart this series back I do really love how Maas writes, creates characters, and her devastatingly good plot.

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