Heir of Fire Review: TOG Marathon Day 3

Friends, I did it! I moved on to the next book in this series after six years! It’s a social distancing miracle! *Crowd cheers for Grace as she runs laps around her living room.* Thank you!


Five Stars

This book made me fall in love with this series. As I said before, Crowd of Midnight is a rough book for me. It utterly destroyed my feels. However, this book. THIS BOOK. It was fantastic. I loved watching Celaena rebuild herself. I also fell in love with Rowan immediately. (I should say that I know she’s gonna end up with him cause I’ve seen spoilers, but I still loved the build up and their friendship.)

I feel like every book we’re new depts and secrets from Aelin’s (gonna use this name now. It’s easier to spell.) Her past is honestly more tragic than I even realized. I am glad we got this book to dig deep into her character and past. I also really liked exploring the Fae lands and people.

Oh, Dorian my sweet Dorian. You all know. He’s a beautiful boy with a great heart. I will say that I did not anticipate Sarscha’s death at all. Which brings me to Chaol. that boy is still learning and growing. His loyalty is admirable, but he also pisses me off so much.

Aedion! Yes. Yes. Yes. We needed a more light-hearted guy in this series. Everyone is so sad and heartbroken–I mean he is too, he just hides it better. He was a good change of pace.

This book was so exciting and it made it worth breaking my heart in Crown of Midnight.

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