The Last Namsara Review: Strong Female Lead? Yes Please!

Friends. FRIENDS. This book was marvelous. I didn’t have a lot of expectations going into it. The description really interested me and I read a review about how Asha was a little like Aelin form TOG, but still her own complete character. Let me just say, that if you like Aelin, then you’re gonna like Asha because she’s amazing.

She’s definitely making it to my top favorite strong female leads I’ve read. Like shooting to the top tier I think. Let me tell you why I loved her so much. She had really wonderful growth that I could see little by little which was so exciting.

Asha is confident in her skills as a hunter, but she’s also incredibly hard on herself and doesn’t hold a high opinion of herself. That contrast made her likable because she wasn’t weak, but she also didn’t think she was invincible which I appreciated. She was a wonderfully complicated and complex character that I fully enjoyed following.

This book is completely unique, but it also reminded me of some stories that I absolutely loved. Not because they’re similar but because they created heartfelt, strong, and complex characters that had me following them to the edge of the world.

This book not only has wonderful characters, but it’s got a way more complicated plot than I was anticipating or ready for. It was like getting punched in the face but in such a good way. I couldn’t believe that it kept getting BETTER.

Also, this book could be read as a standalone which was crazy to me. It covers so much action and has so much momentum. I kept waiting for a cliffhanger to make me wait for the next book because there are two more.

HOWEVER, Ciccarelli never stopped. She covered an epic high fantasy adventure in one book, which Hollywood would have chosen to make three movies out of. I loved it though, because I got to learn the character, the world, and engage with a complex plot without losing any valuable parts due to it being a single book.

AND THERE ARE MORE BOOKS! They aren’t from the same POV’s, but I’m still really interested since it will be a continuation of the same story, and I’m stoked. The author also said on a Goodreads post that the books can be read as standalone, novels and I love when authors do that.

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