Queen of Shadows: TOG Marathon Day 4

Friends, it has been a while since I actually started this marathon of blog posts, and let’s all just acknowledge how inconsistent I’ve been. *Acknowledges how inconsistent Grace has been and forgives her because she’s a mess and you’re all very understanding and kind people.* Perfect thank you all. Now back to this marathon.

Five Stars

Queen of Shadows! YES! I loved this book so freaking much. Aelin comes back and she is not here to play games. We’re starting to get the gang all together in this book. I am SO glad Rowan was in this book more than I thought he would be. I’m a huge fan of him as a character and how Aelin is around him so I was gonna be sad he didn’t appear in this book. BUT THEN HE DID!

I loved getting to see Aelin dive into her role as a queen by diving into her past as an assassin. I was really curious about her life before we see her in the first book. She references it a lot, so I was eager to meet [named] and see what he was like. I also felt like I myself needed some closure for Aelin with her past.

I’ll admit I haven’t read the prequel novellas because I know they’ll wreck me because Sam wrecked me in this series and HE WASN’T EVEN ALIVE! So I’m emotionally procrastinating that ruin–but I’ll get there eventually.

The plot was amazing in this book. Once again, Maas knows how to feed us just enough information that we think we know what’s going on and then we find out Aelin’s been cooking up some baller plan that no one sees coming. Seriously, the skill with which Maas does that is incredible to me because she leaves all these breadcrumbs I do not really notice or think anything of and then they all come together in a sarcastic and boss-lady way.

We also get to know Manon more. She ends up being my absolute favorite character in this series and I love getting to see her grow more because she’s amazing and powerful and who I wish I could be. I am team Manon forever and I cannot stop thinking about how wonderful she is now.

I gobbled this book up as I got to see all these characters and plans come together which is really only the beginning of everything coming together which lasts until like the last moment of the final book. If I had to rank books, this and Heir of Fire are probably my favorites! I’m a huge sucker for middle books which are usually the books that characters decide to embrace their power and destiny. That’s why the fifth Harry Potter book is also my favorite.

Alright! Hopefully, I’ll be more consistent and finish out this marathon soon!

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