Adult Section Recommendations: I need help!

So, I’m sort of an adult although I don’t always feel like one. I LOVE YA books I don’t foresee myself not reading them any time soon. However, I think I’m ready to start venturing into adult fiction.

I want to read about 20 somethings since that’s where I am at in my life, but I’m not very knowledgable about “young” adult fiction in the adult fiction section. I often get lost in the section and don’t know what I would like in there.

I desperately need recommendations of books about 20-somethings in the adult section. I like fantasy and science fiction best, but I am also trying to read more contemporary novels lately, so I’m very open to that genre as well. Having said all that, I will accept ANY kind of recommendations you have for me!

I have a long summer ahead of me, and I thought this was the perfect time to start venturing into adult books since I’m venturing into adulthood AHHHHHH.

Please put recommendations in the comments! Thank you, friends!

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