Empire of Storms Review: TOG Marathon Day 5

We’re back, friends! I think what makes this book so enticing is the cast of characters we get to see. Of course, the plot is phenomenal, and the ending wrecked me really really bad, and I don’t care to dwell on it much.

Four Stars

Since I loved getting to know the characters better, I thought I’d go down the line and talk about some of them!

Lysandra: GUUUUURRL I did not foresee her being such a key player in this series. I really thought she’d go off to live her happily ever after. She’s a baller though, and she’s here to fight in the war. Lysandra is a fantastic character, and getting to know her better was great. Also, we’re not talking about her powers enough. Like, are you KIDDING ME?! Sea dragons and later Wyverns? I cannot. We need to speak more about this.

Dorian: My heart. For so many reasons, my heart. It breaks for him because of everything he went through in the past two books. He’s dealing with the emotional effects. He’s dealing with trauma, and my heart breaks for him. BUT, I’ve always liked Dorian, and that boy is slick. He’s the dark, moody, and powerful prince we dream of reading about. And I was just desperately cheering him and Manon on.

Manon: Speaking of my all-time favorite girl in this series. She’s badass as always. She’s fierce and caring. We all bow before Manon the Witch and Crochan queen. I love her character arc so much, and every book I love it more. When she finally gets to be in the “group,” my heart exploded. I just want her to unite with Dorian and Aelin and save the world. However, Maas just wants to break my heart.

Aelin and Rowan FINALLY get together, and I will say no more because what else is there to say other than I love them both.

Lorcan and Elide: I did not see those two coming. However, I think they added so much to the book. Their dynamic was exciting and angsty in a way that I was always sad when their chapters ended. Elide is heckin’ fierce, and Lorcan just wants to be loved. They are an excellent match. I refuse to acknowledge what happens to them at the end of the book.

Dang, that was a lot of character love. If you made it this far, thank you for reading!

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