A Study of Charlotte Review: my Sherlock-loving self is quaking

I love Sherlock Holmes stories. I am a HUGE fan of the show and movies. Sherlock stories are just so innately smart and witty that I am not sure many–if any–books have ever been able to replicate at that level. This book nails it for me.

Five Stars

I adore Holmes and Watson retellings because they are at their core, the perfect friend adventures. They are some of the most famous friends who were not perfect, and I really enjoy that dynamic. It’s what makes them so lovable and everlasting. They love each other at their core, and because of that, they will never give up on each other.

I LOVED how this book follows the descendants of the original Holmes and Watson. I enjoy how Charlotte and Jamie are their own people, yet they come from a long line of people who carry the same traits generation to generation.

Charlotte really comes across as a weapon as she’s described in the book itself. She’s a wonderful Holmes, yet she brings her own personality, which I really appreciated. As a girl, she’s dealing with different issues.

Jamie and Holmes have the same complicated compassion for each other that made the original stories so fantastic. I also love the possible romance simmering between them. It’s gonna be a SLOW burn which is my favorite kind of romance.

Charlotte deals with drug abuse and sexual assault. I think Cavallaro dealt with the sexual assault in the story well and continues to handle it well and realistically in the next book. I appreciate how she incorporated that levity into an adventure.

Both Charlotte and Jamie are dealing with their own inner issues in a way that really made them their own people while they go on similar adventures to their ancestors.

I am clamoring to start the next book! If you’re a Sherlock Holmes and John Watson fan, you gotta read this book.

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