Thunderhead Review: the perfect follow up to Scythe

It’s hard to put into words how good this series continues to be. The plot keeps expanding as Shusterman adds new perspectives.

I also really enjoyed getting to see the Thunderhead’s perspective on not only what’s happening currently, but it’s perspective on EVERYTHING. I love that the Thunderhead is completely good. I’m not a huge believer in AI, probably because I’ve seen a lot of science fiction movies. However, the Thunderhead is completely good and cares so much.

Citra continues to show herself as a good leader in the Scythedom and Rowan continues to war with his two natures. It’s painful to watch Rowan brawl within himself, however, it’s also freeing to see someone take ACTION against the corruption. I know Citra’s way is probably the best, but Rowan is doing something and it gives me some hope. However, he is leaning into his violent side more because of it, and I desperately want him to find himself again. I’m hoping Citra will help him do that in the next book.

I didn’t see anything coming in this book. It was constantly surprising me. Things happened that I didn’t think were even ALLOWED! But everything goes in this world, and Shusterman always wants to push his characters farther.

I was super surprised by the ending, however, I loved it. I don’t want to spoil anything, but what a brilliant idea, and I am so glad I didn’t have to wait for the next to be published. I’m just waiting to get up the nerve to face The Toll.

This series is a breath of fresh air in the YA section. I had forgotten how much I love dystopian books. This series is making me realize I need to look for more and keep an eye on anything Shusterman publishes from here on out.

Do you have any dystopian recommendations?? Let me know in the comments!

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