Tower of Dawn Review: TOG Marathon Day 6

Welcome friends to the second to last post of my TOG Marathon! We’re almost there! It’s been a long time coming, but are there really any rules about a blog post marathon? Maybe there are and I’m just a rule breaker. But we’re BACK!

Going into this book, I wasn’t sure about it. As you might know, I am not a HUGE fan of Chaol. He’s been through a lot and has a crazy character development arc, but he makes it hard to like him a lot of the time.

However! I really enjoyed him in this book which made me happy because I really liked him at the beginning of the series. He’s my boy, and I was happy to be reunited with the good version of him.

Yrene was just as likable as Chaol in this novel. I loved how Maas gave us a healing character since so many of our characters are healers. Yrene is just as strong and fierce though. I appreciated that so much. She is a warrior in her own might. Her mental and emotional strength was so admirable.

I love how Maas creates such dynamic and believable female characters. Yrene fits well in with the entire group. I also felt like we needed to go on a journey of healing with Chaol and Yrene. Chaol is an important character for the series, and I felt like I needed him and even myself as a reader to heal.

I do have to say though, that it was really hard to read this book while everything that had gone on in the last book was happening. It was even worse to think about the continuation of the last book happening while I was reading this. Time was very difficult for me to remove myself from so I could appreciate this story.

This book was very important for us to learn more about the war, allies, and Maeve. I really didn’t think she was going to be the powerhouse she was in this book. I also didn’t expect her to be [one of them]! It was super cool how everything was connected though. Maas has so much going on up in her head.

Overall, I liked this book mostly for Yrene, but I was so happy to find our happy Chaol again.

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