“Dark” is the best show I’ve watched in years

Yes I understand that is quite the title to this blog. It’s also a huge claim to make about this show. I discovered this show with my parents this summer. We found the show because the third season came out this summer, and we wanted to give it a try. I didn’t think I would fall in love with it, but here I am.

This show has some of the best storytelling I’ve consumed in a really long time. It’s on a level where it felt like a story I would read. Often times I think books can get more complex and detailed in their story because reading requires more investment. I think Dark required a lot of investment, discussion, and thinking. I honestly think this is a book I could see myself studying in a literature class.

It is a German show, so I had to use subtitles, but it didn’t bother me. I also think it gives me brain a break to listen to a different language and read a show. I don’t know what it feels like that. Maybe it’s because I’m not a good listener and I don’t have to listen to words, but just tones and volume.


I’m not a fractured timeline girl. It hurts my brain and takes me much longer to put the pieces together. I also think it disrupts me following character development which is very important to me as a reader, and so that causes me some imitation. Having said that, I truly enjoyed this fractured timeline. I think it was incredibly well done and they do a good job of covering so many details. They really do put most of the pieces back together for viewers throughout the entire show. I totally got lost a couple times, but that was less because the show wasn’t done well and more that the show is complex–which I loved. I miss shows that make you think and push your imagination.


The casting for this show was AMAZING. Most of the characters had to have at least two other versions of them for their different ages in the story. The casting was well done so you could tell who the younger version of a character was without having to make them have the SAME HAIR when they were five and 50 (which SO many movies do and it DRIVES ME CRAZY). However, they did use some facial features to identify certain characters that were more plot devices than part of the character’s story in my opinion.

Jonas is a beautifully tragic boy. He is wonderfully complex. He seems so good and that he wants to do what’s right, but he keeps making choices that allow him to save or be near Martha. I kinda loved the doomed star-crossed lovers deal, even if I wasn’t necessarily cheering them on. I just thought it added an extra level of depth to the story.

Also I do NOT understand why all those boys loved Martha other than she was like the only girl that age. She felt a little like Bella to me where I was like, why do these boys like this girl with little to no personality??

I loved Magnus because his aesthetic was wonderful and he’s a beautiful boy. His hair is something I could only dream of having.


The show had a strong start, good middle, and a satisfying and unexpected ending. I don’t think it’s the kind of ending I was dreaming of, but it was good enough where I felt satisfied that it was worthy of a good show. Also props to this show for only doing 3 seasons since so many good shows go WAY too long and lose out on a good ending.

I loved this show and I wish it was a book so that I could read it after watching it.

Have you watched this? What did you think?

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