The Darkest Part of the Forest Review: We need more female knights

I have dreamed all my life of being a knight. I felt that Hazel desperately understood that desire. Because of Hazel’s dream to also be a knight, I definitely connected with Hazel on a personal level. She literally lives in a fairytale and I was in love with this story and its characters from pretty much the beginning.

Hazel and Ben are wonderful and I’m very glad I got to read from both their perspectives. This story felt like it was meant for all the kids who grew up playing make-believe in their yards. Then those kids grew up and the fairytale was real. It’s a magnificent concept. Wow, might go reminisce on my make-believe childhood and running around with my friends.

Black does an incredible job combining the modern world with the world of fae. She does it in a way that makes the fae so foreign yet so much like humans. It shows how fragile humans are, yet they wield more power than they realize. It’s a wonderful line to walk on as a reader.

I’m also very into stand-alone novels right now.  This one does a great job of creating a whole story, making me fall in love with full characters, and giving me the feeling that more happens even after the story ends.

Also, if. you’ve read Queen of Nothing, Hazel and Ben have a cameo in it, and I LOVE little cross overs like that!

This book is the perfect female knight tale I needed in a world of fae.

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