Ninth House: Quick Review

Finally a fantasy book for college students. Bardugo is my favorite author and I am ecstatic that she wrote a dark magical book that takes place at college. I’ve had a few college friends ask me for a fantasy book that wasn’t about young teenagers. They wanted something more mature. I read Ninth House and BOOM it was here.

Alex Stern is a very necessary character in the world right now. She is a humble, messy, real, and gritty character. She’s dealing with her own power and the trauma that it caused. She’s a challenging character, but I really appreciate her thoughts and growth throughout the book.

This book is eerie. The different houses on the campus of Yale having different magical rules and societies were so interesting to learn about. It was not at all like Percy Jackson so don’t even go there. It’s more like magical cults on a college campus. Wait sorry I meant a dark magical Greek life.

The book also felt like the perfect magical murder mystery and Alex our unwilling detective.

This review is super short because I read this book last winter and am only just now writing about it, BUT it’s definitely a book wroth checking out!

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