Children of Blood and Bone Review

This world and its magical elements in this book are out of this universe. I can totally understand why this book took the YA fantasy genre by storm. The magic of this world is so interesting and inspiring. It reminded me of Percy Jackson because I was thinking about how I would love to know what kind of magic I would have.

I haven’t had a book grab me like that and make me want to transport into the superpower/magic system in so long. I also loved how each type of magic had its own specific color. I thought that was such a beautiful and powerful detail that added a sense of wonder to the magic. I also think the colors made it interesting to read about the actual visuals of the magic.

I also want to mention that the animals in this world are so cool. They’re like mixes of different animals, and I loved the names and how they were incorporated into the story. This could have been such a small thing, but I loved it and it made the world really come alive for me.

There’s almost too much to talk about for this book, but I want to make sure that I mention some of the important themes this book has. I picked up on the themes of justice, genocide, brutality, and other themes that are really prevalent in America and other parts of the world. I think it’s always so impressive when fantasy books are able to tackle issues that we are dealing with in the contemporary world in a way that inspires readers and promotes empathy. This book really did that.

Going beyond the themes of the book, this story was unforgettable and the characters were ones I desperately felt for as they battled, mourned loved ones, and grew as people. Zelie, Amari, and Inan were such a well-balanced cast of characters. Even though they weren’t all together, they created such a wonderful dynamic group.

Amari took me by storm. I didn’t think I was going to like her as much as I did. In the end, she became my favorite character who we got to read from. I’m super interested to see how she continues to grow and become who she is meant to be.

Zelie is wicked strong and proves over and over again that she can be put back together again after being broken. I think she is doing so much for female readers who don’t believe they can keep going after traumatic events. Zelie is their champion and I love it.

Inan was a super complicated character. I know we were meant to go back and forth on how we felt about him, but Adeyemi did it so well and it almost hurt how well she did it. Inan is tragic but also infuriating. He is a really engaging character overall.

I’m SO excited to read the next book! Zelie and Amari have a lot more to show us and I am ready for their powerful and sweet dynamic.

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