Kingdom of Ash Review: TOG Marathon Finally Done!

Friends. This is my last post about the Throne of Glass series! I actually finished the series months ago, but this summer/fall has been… well you probably know because you’ve been living your own version of what I’ve been living. So, I don’t think me taking months to write this post about a series I finished months ago, and a “marathon” I finished months ago… is the weirdest or most annoying thing you’ve encountered this year, huh?

This is the longest book I’ve ever read. I am impressed with myself for finishing it. There wasn’t really any doubt that I would finish it, but still that is a TON of pages. Maas does a really great job of making her really long books engaging and like I almost need….more? Even though she’s given me hundreds and hundreds of pages of romance, action, and character growth? Maybe it’s just me.

So this book was ALMOST too long (I know I just said I often feel I need more–but I think I was good with this book’s amount of pages). I could just feel Maas trying to tie ALL the different threads she’d spun during the series. I’m glad she tied them up, and I enjoyed getting to see all the characters, but it just felt like a lot. And the beginning of the book was just rough with Aedion and Lysandra. I don’t want to go into details about that because oh my gosh that makes me sad.

Also Aelin’s story is freaking sad–like come on give that girl a break. Even though she goes through so much and is so strong, I didn’t enjoy her as a character that much in this book. I think it was just hard to watch her fade as a character toward the end and be so sad. I’m not saying that I don’t think she should have gone through the feelings she did, but it was just hard as a reader to watch her go through it.

Which brings me to my favorite character: MANON. She is fabulous. I love her. I have nothing bad to say about her, and she also deserves a freaking break. Thinking about her story makes me tear up right now so I need to stop thinking about it.

I’m not going to go into all the characters because there are too many to properly talk about. I talked about Aelin since duh I have to, and I talked about my favorite character.

I am not sure that I loved the ending of the book. I didn’t love how Dorian or Aelin had to sacrifice their power. It just bugged me. I feel like Dorian and Aelin were partly super interesting because of their power, and it made me sad that they had to lose something that made them so unique. HOWEVER I do understand they can’t be super powerful. But there’s just this part of me that felt they deserved to have that power?? I don’t know I’m still sorting through that ending at the back of my mind months later.

Overall, I enjoyed the final book and I think it wrapped up the series pretty well. Maas is definitely one of my favorite fantasy authors now. I am so glad I went back to reread this series to give it another chance. I kind of want to do another reread of it (starting at book 3 because book 2 is awful cause of Chaol, but what’s new).

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