Rage and Ruin Review: wholly unprepared for that ending

Armentrout you did it again! Holy guacamole this was a great book. I love getting to return to the world of wardens, demons, and angels. Trinity is a really interesting and lovable character. I’m also so happy that Zayne is getting to have a happy ending (as far as he gets more a story as the part of the love triangle that doesn’t get chosen–no spoilers here).

Here is my review of Storm and Fury, the first book in the trilogy.

They’re both going through great character growth on their own and together. I loved the slow burn of their romance from book one into this book. Watching Trinity figure out her various feelings toward Zayne as well as her role was super engaging and a total rollercoaster–the best kind.

I’m always impressed with the plots that Armentrout comes up with while weaving such angsty and wonderful romances. This book blew my expectations out of the water. I didn’t have low expectations, but I didn’t expect for my jaw to drop at the ending. I didn’t expect the roller coaster of the emotions and plot to be SO CRAZY.

Roth and Layla play a larger role in this book, and I honestly love getting to see Roth more because I really love him as a character and it’s making me think I need to reread the Dark Elements trilogy??? Maybe I will, but also I have so many other books to read.

If you’ve already read the Dark Elements trilogy, I recommend this trilogy! This book follows up Storm and Fury really well.

Have you read this yet?? Are you going to??

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