Blood & Honey Review: such beautifully flawed characters

You can read my review of the first book of the trilogy, Serpent & Dove, here.

I believe that a character’s flaws are what makes them beautiful and believable. I don’t need a perfect heroine. I need a flawed heroine who is strong despite her flaws and grows as a person.

Lou and Reid are perfect examples of flawed characters who grow so painfully, but come out so much better for it. This book was like many second books, painful as we went through growing pains with Lou and Reid. However, it was a good growth even though it was difficult.

They are both facing their own demons while trying to hold on to each other. I loved their dynamic in the first book, and they continued to have great banter and moments together. My heart ached for them, but I’m also super glad they went through such difficult growth.

I saw a review on goodreads that someone was disappointed that Reid and Lou fought the whole book. However I think they needed to grow, and I thought that reflected a real marriage as they’re working to grow and commit to each other. They also would fight and then come back together, even if they weren’t being completely honest with each other about their struggles, they still came back together to be a team. I really appreciated it. I’m also in this phase where I really want to watch characters grow a lot to become their best selves. So, yes they fight a little, but I don’t think it’s the whole book and it’s honestly good fighting that comes from growth and love, not bad communication and stupid reasons.

I really enjoy this world and concept and I loved getting to learn more about the witches and other magical beings in this world. I REALLY want to see mermaids in the next book, so fingers crossed (there’s a Cabin in the Woods joke here for those who get it). The rules of magic in this world are so brutal and wonderful to read about.

What a cliffhanger of an ending though. Oof. If you know, you know. I don’t know how I’m supposed to wait another freaking year for the next book though.

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