September 2020 Wrap Up

Woah. September was a way more productive reading month than I had thought it would be. Of course, four of these books I read for school. It always helps to have mandatory reading to increase your monthly reading numbers. BUT I’m really excited to get to talk about these books because I haven’t written posts for all of them yet since I finished a few toward the end of the month–plus school has swamped me so I haven’t posted that much.

The Fire Next Time

By James Baldwin

I read this book for class and I had never read any of Baldwin’s work. I was eager to read his work because he contributed so much to creative nonfiction writing and because I’ve seen so many profound and powerful quotes by him circulating on social media. This book is really short, it’s only two essays, but Baldwin covers so much and does it so well. I think it’s a really important read and one I’ll need to return to. It’s sad that his work is still applicable to the racism we see today, but I also think he has a way of writing that is timeless.

The Bone Houses

By Emily Lloyd-Jones

This audiobook was amazing and the perfect spooky season read–I kid you not. It combines zombies, fairy tales, and adventure. I mean on of the main characters is a gravedigger! I highly recommend reading this book while eating some pumpkin pie or listening to it while raking leaves this month.

Children of Blood and Bone

By Tomi Adeyemi

This was everything I could have expected or wanted and more. This was a crazy good debut and I am itching to get my hands on the next book. The magic and characters were so well developed and the pacing was so well done.

Blood & Honey

By Shelby Mahurin

This was a great continuation of the trilogy. That might be an unpopular opinion? I’m not sure I’ve seen a lot of different reactions to this book, but I really enjoyed it. I think the world is fascinating, the characters are compelling, and the plot and twisted and unexpected. Reid and Lou continue to steal my heart and I want MERMAIDS in the next book.

The Fire This Time

Edited by Jesmyn Ward

I also read this book for class and it’s a book of essays by Black writers inspired by Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time. This was a beautifully written book. There were so many entrances that these authors took to engage with racism in their writing and to express their personal experiences. I cried. I laughed. I learned. I think this book is a must read to learn and grow as a person and you don’t need to read Baldwin’s book first, although I think you should.

Eleanor & Park

By Rainbow Rowell

This was for another class and a reread for me. I read this back in 2016 so there was a lot that I didn’t remember. I remember it being a beautiful love story. And it is. It also has a lot of issues such as racist depictions of characters. I still really enjoy the story, and I think it’s a really powerful coming of age story.

Four Dead Queens

By Astrid Scholte

This was way more of a mystery story than I had expected. It takes place in a dystopian sort of science fiction universe I really enjoyed, but ultimately it was a mystery murder novel. We get to know characters just enough to enjoy them and be sad if they die. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot!

Sister Outsider

By Adre Lorde

This is the final book I read for class this month. This was a hard read for me. I don’t know if I’m quite smart enough to pick up everything that Lorde was saying. I think she’s a super powerful writer and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. I would also love to read some commentaries on her writing to hopefully better understand it.

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