Four Dead Queens Review

This is 100% a mystery novel. It’s set in a science fiction dystopian world, but it’s a mystery novel. Which is exciting because I don’t read nearly enough mystery novels, so this was a fun step out of my normal reading comfort zone. Having said that, it was not not the science fiction novel I thought it would be. So if you’re going to read this, it’s more mystery than science fiction–but still so good.

The mystery plot was very interesting and that’s what kept me reading. I couldn’t put it down because I NEEDED to know what happened! As I said, I don’t read a lot of mysteries, so this was a good mix of mystery and speculative fiction for me.

Since this is a plot-driven book, the characters take a bit of a back seat to the incredible mystery. I’m a very character-driven reader, so it was a little hard to not get to dig deeper into the main character. I also wanted to know more about the other characters and the world they live in. I wanted to know more about everything, the world, the people, and this system they’ve created. More. More. More.

I loved the plot, how the mystery was solved, and reading from the perspective of so many different characters. So overall, this was an enjoyable science fiction mystery novel that was unlike anything I’ve read before and I look forward to reading more mysteries!

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