Sisters of Sword and Song Review: sisterhood, alternative ancient Greece, and magic

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it maybe only once or twice before–but I love Greek mythology. I was already interested in this story of two sisters with different strengths, and then I heard it took place in alternative ancient Greece, and I HAD to read it.

It did not disappoint. This book packs a lot of world building, mythology, and character development considering it’s a stand alone novel. It being a standalone also really drew me in because I’ve really been into books I can read and have a resolution at the end without waiting years for a series to end. Not that I don’t absolutely love that, because I do.

This book has also set me on the path to find more books told from the perspective of siblings (Agnes at the End of the World review coming soon). I think it’s a great way to tell stories that intertwines but also stand alone. I also just love sibling love so much.

Evadne and Halcyon have grown into different people since they last saw each other, and they continue to grow in their own ways during the book. They both have such strength and persistence. Since these two are siblings, the stakes seemed that much higher. I needed them both to survive so they could reunite. However, both of their missions were equally exciting and engaging.

The magical elements of this book were so original and I enjoyed getting to learn about them with Evadne. The mythology of the world felt based in Greek mythology, but it was still very orignial and I throughougly enjoyed getting to learn about the different gods and their magical artifacts.

If you like strong female leads, reading about the various familial relationships we build and grow, and magic that is best done with others, then this book is for you!

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