Most Likely Review: friends, senior year, and maybe a little love

Yessssss. What a fabulous girl-friend cast. I am a huge fan of The Bold Type television show, which Sarah Watson is the writer for. So, I was SO excited to read this book. Also, one of my favorite booktubers loved it.

So, as the cover reveals, this story follows four different friends as they tie finish their final year of high school and look toward their futures. I think this book perfectly captured the tension of being friends with people who are more successful than you in certain areas–not all though! Each girl had her own strengths, weaknesses, and journey to go on in order to come into the person she will be.

I really appreciated the diversity of the book–although it is written by a white woman which is important to note. It is not an #ownvoices book. There is racial diversity, LGBTQ+ representation, mental health representation, disability representation, social class representation, and I think that’s it but I could have missed something.

BUT LOOK AT THE REPRESENTATION AND DIVERSITY. YES. Okay I’ll stop fangirling about how we’re getting so much positive and important representation for people.

I would have loved this book so much in high school and I’m kinda sad it wasn’t around for me to read. However, I still relate to these girls as a senior in college. I’m getting ready to like *adult* and I’m still figuring out who I am.

As we follow each girl on her own journey, we also get little dashes of romance, and there’s this huge mystery of who ends up with this one guy because the book starts in the future as one of the girls is becoming the president! (again MORE positive representation!). I didn’t think the mystery would be as GOOD as it was! But it was pretty fun.

Overall, this is a great book for feminists, for lovers of realistic fiction, and those looking toward or back to their final days of high school.

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