Punching the Air Review

I have rediscovered books in verse and I am in love. I am a huge fan of poetry and I can’t believe I’ve forgotten how much I appreciate stories told through verse. Each poem of this book stands alone so well and as a whole, it’s just plain art. I underlined a lot of this book because of the truth’s it captures and the beautiful way it does.

This book made me uncomfortable. This book made me cry. This book might have given me hope. I think it’s a for sure must read for everyone. Not only because it’s beautifully written, but it’s based on a real story and is the story of so many Black boys.

Amal is in jail for something he didn’t do, which isn’t new. It’s gut wrenching to watch Amal be crushed by the fact that the world does not want him to succeed. He’s an artist, a friend, a son, and a young man.

I understand why this book is getting all the buzz it is, because it deserves it and more. I’m thankful that it reignited my excitement for books in verse. I’m also thankful it is telling the story Yusef Salaam and others.

If you’re looking for a powerful book that isn’t terribly long (a wonderful factor of books of verse) this is the book for you.

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